Coach de vie Montreal | Audrey Bassis
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified NLP life coach

About me

My name is Audrey and I’m French. I came to Quebec almost intuitively with the conviction that I would find answers, missing pieces of my inner puzzle. Since I arrived, my learnings have not stopped. It is even going beyond my expectations and hopes. 

It all started with a meditation retreat where a friend told me “but why don’t you take a training course to be a life coach? ». I’ve always had a slight reluctance to deal with life coaches. I imagined them as mentors who had an answer for everything, giving advice to everyone without necessarily taking into consideration the difference and uniqueness of each person. In fact, I saw their approach based more on tehir ego rather than their Essence.

However I started doing researches and came across a school that became my Soul family. A school where kindness, respect and Love are highlighted. A school where the focus is on working on ourself, eradicating limiting beliefs, healing emotional wounds. Their motto “You can’t take your client further than you are in your own evolution”.

It was the trigger for me and then the beginning, or should I say continuity, of an intensive work on myself. I have been involved in a self development process for more than 10 years. I have always had this desire to evolve, to surpass myself and to free myself from emotions that did not serve me and did not contribute to my inner peace. It is a process, a long way, but it is becoming lighter as we go along. Things are becoming simpler, more fluid. It is easier for me to see the big picture, the learning that comes from it.

So, if this adventure with yourself call you, I would be happy to guide you towards the discovery of your potential, your resources and your strengths that only demand to be brought to light.