Fear or Love?

Fear of running out of money, fear of not having enough time, fear of making the wrong choices, fear of committing, fear of expressing yourself, fear of saying nothing, fear of taking your place, fear of losing it, fear of moving forward, fear of staying still, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of the routine, fear of dying, fear of living…

We are so paralyzed by our fears that in the end it puts us in a passive way of living. It freezes us, it crystallizes us, it puts us in the mental forcing us to intellectualize, to rationalize, to weigh up the pros and the cons, to anticipate, to predict, the worst often… So we prevent ourselves from living, we find 20,000 excuses not to take action, to stay in our comfort zone because it freaks us out, because the unknown is scary.

But how can we get answers to our questions if we never take action? Theories, reflections, existential questions are necessary but without experimentation, without concretization, it remains at the state of concept, at the state of supposition.

Often, before that major decisions are made, before things that will change our lives, there is only one step, a baby step. This is the most difficult thing and yet it is also so simple from an external point of view. What hinders us are our conditioning, our mistaken beliefs, our uncertainties, our need to be secure, our need to stay in something we know, to have our bearings. One of the first step is to be able to identify what is holding us back. What is this fear behind inaction? What do we gain by staying in this situation? In NLP we say that there is always a positive intention behind each behavior. So we have something to gain by not moving, not daring, but wouldn’t there be another more satisfying way to achieve it?

What if we traded fear for Love… If every decision was made in the Love of Self and of the Others, what would be the result?



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