Nourish the Light

I believe that we have the choice at every second to decide what we want to feed, what we want to serve. Love or fear? Light or darkness?

As human beings, for the well-being of Humanity, of the Planet, of our children, it is up to us to shape the future we want to create. Nothing is immutable, nothing is frozen in time. EVERYTHING can change.

We are constantly at a junction in our lives. There is just one step to take. There are no small actions. Feeding Love can begin with a smile coming from the Heart to another human being crossed in the street, helping a neighbour to carry his groceries, offering his seat to elderly people, a clothe donation to a homeless person…

Compassion, solidarity and kindness are at hand. Happiness is simply behind the door of our own barriers, our own beliefs, our own limitations. We are resourceful and have infinite potentials and capacities. All we have to do is make this choice, make the decision to listen our Heart and choose ourselves.

When will you start?


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