Which life coach to choose?

The first thing to listen to is your feelings.

You are the only person who know what is good for you or not.

People are like flowers. Some talk to us, some don’t.

For coaches it’s the same thing. Of course, someone can recommend you a coach but keep in mind that this will necessarily start from a subjective experience. What is appropriate for some may not be appropriate for others.

The only way to know is to experiment if it calls you and mostly to trust your feelings, your intuition.

However, make sure that the person you are going to see has received certification training and has followed a course of several months with quality teachers. An process that promotes values of respect and caring. How the person has been trained will be felt during his or her accompaniment.

Because it is not regulated, there are many beliefs and prejudices surrounding the coaching profession. I understand that as each person can claim to be a life coach. I do not think that their intention is wrong, but working human beings requires know-how and interpersonal skills. Both are refined as we learn from each other.

Just as you wouldn’t let your back pain in the hands of an untrained osteopath, be sure to entrust your inner self to someone who will respect it. The stakes, whether they are sentimental, relational or professional, are too high to be taken lightly.


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